Tuesday, December 25, 2007

December 25, 2007 - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Hey, Danny finally gets some props for all his Fall knowledge. Good for you, man! If you all think that's something, ask him about Iggy vs. Bowie. :-)

Note: Indie was commercial-free for Christmas so the first hour is run together. I tried to be quick on the draw with the second & third parts, but I lost about the first second of each in the buffering process.

Part One (1 hour) * Part Two * Part Three

Track list:
01. Trouble Funk - All Aboard Ya'll
02. AIDS Wolf - We Multiply
03. Billy Idol - Here Comes Santa Claus
04. Patton Oswalt - My Christmas Memory
05. John Cale - Child's Christmas In Wales
06. Rev. A. W. Nix - Begin A New Life On Christmas Day Pt. 1
07. Tralala - Everybody Christmastime
08. The Melvins – Black Santa
09. Mark Mothersbaugh - I Don't Have A Christmas Tree (Soylent Night)
10. Bootsy Collins - Merry Christmas Baby
11. Black Ace - Christmas Time Blues
12. The Raymond Scott Quintet - Christmas Night In Harlem
13. The Ronettes - Frosty The Snowman
14. XBXRX – Track 1
15. Charlie Parker - White Christmas
16. The Greedies - A Merry Jingle
17. Deerhoof - Xmas Trees
18. The Fall - No Xmas For John Quays
19. Jim Gillette - Never Say Never
20. Various Artists - Râga Bairagi Bhairavî


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. :)

Wed Dec 26, 11:29:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Henry is in Islamabad?!? Have you read, what is going on there right now? - I hope he will come back in once piece! Damn, this is one crazy world...

Thu Dec 27, 12:27:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is his voice completely blown?

Fri Dec 28, 12:03:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is now februari 2008..why arent you uploading this page anymore? Please????

Wed Feb 06, 04:32:00 AM EST  
Blogger Angela said...

All the new shows are on the 2008 page.

go to the main page:
and click on "2008 Shows"


you can change your bookmark to:

Wed Feb 06, 09:09:00 AM EST  

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